Control Systems for Any Application

Whether it be industrial automation or for an entertainment application, Advantage Automation develops comprehensive and efficient control system designs.  We offer advice and consultation, whole system design or subsystem components.

Advantage Automation looks at the big picture requirements and ensures the system is both user and maintainer friendly while suiting the project timeline and budget.

  • Concept design and system architecture development for numerous applications including automation, safety systems, motion control, show control, user interaction and monitoring.

  • Utilise a wide variety of off the shelf hardware or design custom electronics with embedded processors.

  • Develop programs for PLCs, firmware for microcontrollers and embedded systems, write customised software for user interfaces.

  • Design electrical layouts, control cabinets, network distribution and wireless control systems.

Advantage Automation is a one stop control system solution.

System Integration and Commissioning

Bringing it all together and making it work is our specialty. We implement efficient architecture, ensuring subsystems work seamlessly together.  Advantage Automation keeps systems streamlined for your operators and easy to troubleshoot for your maintainers.

  • Component setup and configuration.

  • System commissioning.

  • System tuning.

  • System testing.

Whether it be motion control or safety systems, industrial or theatrical, we will get it all running harmoniously.

Show Control

Streamline the operation of your show, exhibition or attraction with a show control system designed by Advantage Automation. Control and syncronise lighting, sound, video, automation and special effects. Incorporate audience interaction through sensors. Provide feedback on system status and stay informed with statistics on throughput and timing.

  • Expertise in the versatile Medialon show control systems.

  • Develop custom user interfaces and operator panels specific to your application. 

  • Design robust, safety rated PLC based solutions where the application requires it. For example, automation and motion control.

Keep your operation efficient and reliable while maintaining a great user experience with our show control systems.


Advantage Automation is versed in a variety of modern programming languages and techniques and can develop custom software and firmware for your application.

  • Embedded systems programming.

  • PLC programming.

  • Software for user interfaces and operator panels on a PC or mobile devices.

  • Extensive experience with programming for motion control and safety rated systems.


Sometimes it is more efficient to use custom hardware due to size or power constraints, or special requirements of applications. Advantage Automation specialises in designing custom circuits and laying out printed circuit boards to suit these unique requirements. This often includes a microcontroller running custom programmed firmware for your specific application.

  • Circuit design and schematic layout.

  • Printed circuit board design and layout.

  • Prototyping and assembly.

  • Home Automation
  • Offices
  • Hospitality
  • Boardrooms
  • A / V
  • Lighting Control
  • Design
  • Integration
  • Programming